Lễ trao giải và triển lãm Cuộc thi ảnh đẹp du lịch An Giang 2022

INVITATION FOR AWARDS AND EXHIBITIONS In order to summarize the beautiful An Giang tourism photo contest in 2022, and at the same time promote the beautiful images of An Giang tourist attractions, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center organizes the Award Ceremony and Exhibition of the contest. Beautiful photos of An Giang tourism in 2022. Time: 8:00 am, December 28, 2022 Location: Hai Ba Trung Walking Street (Opposite Trade and Investment Promotion Center, 2A Ngo Gia Tu, My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province) Leaders, people, press agencies, photographers are cordially invited to attend the Award Ceremony and visit the Photo Exhibition. The Organizing Committee is very pleased to welcome you! Trung Tâm Xúc Tiến Thương mại và Đầu tư An Giang        
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An Giang prepares conference to connect and promote tourism

In order to strengthen promotion, connection and cooperation in developing An Giang tourism with provinces and cities throughout the country and promote An Giang tourism development, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center held a conference to connecting and promoting tourism in An Giang province in 2022. The conference will take place at 2pm on December 15, 2022 at the Hall of Dong Xuyen Hotel, My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province. The event attracted about 100 participants, including 50 delegates from within the province and 50 from outside the province. According to the program plan, on the morning of December 15, the delegates will visit some new tourist attractions in Long Xuyen city, Cho Moi district, Thoai Son district. In the afternoon of the same day, the official conference program took place. The content of the conference focused around introducing the typical destinations, products and tourism services of An Giang and the localities attending the conference, discussions of businesses, signing of cooperation agreements between destinations, An Giang tourism enterprise with localities… The conference aims to promote the introduction and promotion of destinations and tourism products and services of An Giang province to tourism businesses and partners nationwide. Thereby, looking for opportunities to link and cooperate to develop tours, routes, products and tourism services. At the same time, create opportunities for tourism businesses in An Giang and your province to meet face-to-face, exchange business policies, find new potential partners and markets. - Trieu Phu
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An Giang tourism beautiful photo contest in 2022

With the desire to introduce and promote beautiful images of cultural destinations, festivals, tourism and people of An Giang land to domestic and foreign tourists. Create a playground for professional photographers, amateurs and individuals who are passionate about photography. An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center organizes An Giang Tourism Beautiful Photo Contest in 2022 with the theme "An Giang is a charming country" . Through the contest, the Organizing Committee wants to find beautiful and quality photos that reflect the unique values and clearly depict the beauty of An Giang tourism in order to propagate and promote tourism. An Giang in the near future, bringing the image of An Giang tourism "Safe - friendly - attractive" closer to visitors. The contest was officially launched from the date of announcement to the end of November 30, 2022 with the following prize structure: - 01 First Prize: 6,000,000 VND (In words: Six million VND) and a certificate from the contest organizer. - 02 Second prizes: 4,000,000 VND each (In words: Four million VND) and a certificate from the contest organizer. - 03 Third Prizes: 2,000,000 VND each (In words: Two million VND) and a certificate from the contest organizer. - 03 Consolation prizes: 1,000,000 VND each (In words: One million VND) and a certificate from the contest organizer. - 05 Extra Prizes: 1,000,000 VND each (In words: One million VND) and a certificate from the contest organizers The total prize money is 28,000,000 VND (Twenty eight million VND). * Conditions to participate in the contest include : 1. Contest topic, contestant and scope of composition 1.1. Theme: "An Giang is a charming country" 1.2. Contestants: - The contest is open to professional and amateur photographers, Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living and working in Vietnam. - Members of the Organizing Committee, the Jury, and the Secretariat are not allowed to participate in the competition. 1. 3. Composition scope: - Entries must be photographed and composed in tourist areas and attractions of An Giang such as: Sam Mountain National Tourist Area; Cam Mountain tourist area; President Ton Duc Thang memorial area; Tra Su Melaleuca forest eco-tourism site; Tuc Dup Hill tourist attraction ; Archaeological relics and art architecture Oc Eo - Ba The; attractions of Ong Thoai lake - Truc Lam Zen Monastery in An Giang; Cluster of tourist attractions in the area of Tri Ton district ... and other attractions and tourism in the province. - Works recording images of famous architectural and religious works attracting tourists in the province; traditional cultural festivals such as: Festival of Ba Chua Xu Nui Sam; Seven Nui bull racing festival, cultural festival of Kinh, Hoa, Cham and Khmer ethnic groups. 2. Eligibility requirements - Entries must be taken from January 1, 2020 to the time of the Contest, and owned by the entrant. Entries are not works that have won prizes in other contests. During the time of participating in the An Giang Tourism Beauty Photo Contest 2022, the author is not allowed to submit the works that are currently being contested to participate in other contests. - Authors participating in the contest can send up to 15 photos (JPG, PNG files) to the Organizing Committee to participate in the contest. - Entries must be single images, not series. Color or black-and-white photos, reflecting honestly, clearly and vividly beautiful moments at tourist sites and attractions within the stated scope of creation. The Organizing Committee accepts photos that have been technically processed, but must not be cropped to distort reality. In case of necessity, the Organizing Committee will ask the author to submit the original file for verification. - Contest photos must not violate fine customs, laws, and Vietnamese culture, and must not contain negative political or religious content. If the author violates, the Organizing Committee will remove the work from the contest without notice. - The Organizing Committee of the contest has the right to use the entries for the exhibition, propaganda and promotion of An Giang tourism and other non-commercial purposes. 3. Time and place to receive entries 3.1. Exam time: - Time to receive entries: From the date of announcement to the end of November 30, 2022. - Select the entries for the contest: December 2022. - Organizing the summation and awarding ceremony: December 2022. 3.2. Venue to receive entries: - Entries should be sent to the address: An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center. No. 41 Nguyen Van Cung, My Long Ward, City. Long Xuyen, An Giang. - Or send by mail: . - For more information , please contact: Trade and Investment Promotion Center of An Giang province. No. 2A Ngo Gia Tu, My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province. Phone: 02963 852 669 – 0919 99 52 39 (Hong Loan). The Organizing Committee is looking forward to receiving enthusiastic responses from authors nationwide. Notice of detailed contest rules and registration form, please download via the link:
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An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center trains "Skills to build effective content marketing on social networks"

During 02 days, 50 students from businesses, resorts and tourist spots in An Giang province will be guided in skills in developing tourism products and services, as well as internal marketing and marketing activities. Content marketing, also known as Content marketing, is applied by many businesses to convey valuable content to viewers, attract, create interactions and promote viewers to become buyers, opening up many sales opportunities. more goods. Speaking at the training session, Mr. Le Trung Hieu - Director of An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center said that the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic has strongly promoted the digital transformation process in tourism activities. tourism, changing most of the trends and consumption habits of tourists. Demand through the internet and social networking sites to find information about products and services of users is increasing. This has accelerated businesses to switch from traditional methods of marketing, and communicating with customers to modern methods, grasping trends and needs of customers to continue to develop. develop. Through the training course, in order to update and supplement the necessary knowledge and skills for staff working in the field of tourism, improve the quality of the tourism industry in the province, support Tourism businesses improve their marketing capacity for tourism products, destinations and services, skills in building messages, valuable content of products that they want to convey to customers, helping businesses growing taste. Duy Phan - Nguyen Hao        
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Support to promote featured products and tourism services

⚡ PROMOTION SUPPORT PROGRAM  SPECIAL PRODUCTS AND TOURISM SERVICES ONLY In order to contribute to promoting business activities of enterprises, and at the same time to help people and tourists easily access products and services, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center implements a support program. Support the promotion of typical products and tourism services in the province. Businesses wishing to promote, please email with the following contents: + Registration form (Form: + Product or service introduction about 500 words long + 10 images of products or services + Business license image. Time to receive information from now until August 30, 2022. From September 1 to the end of 2022, featured products and tourism services will be introduced on the fanpage of An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center on a weekly basis. . The program is free of charge. An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center invites businesses dealing in typical products and tourism services in the province to participate in the program. - An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center        
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An Giang brings tourism businesses to join the Shopee e-travel exchange

Today, along with the strong development of information technology and the explosion of the internet, e-commerce activities in the tourism industry are developing rapidly, and are widely applied at home and abroad. bring higher added value to the tourism industry. Today's tourists are no longer dependent on travel agents and tour operators. The selection of destinations that suit their needs and economic capabilities is becoming more convenient as the internet is developing more and more. With just a smartphone connected to the internet, visitors can easily search for destinations, compare service quality, prices, choose and book related services for their trip, even pay a bill. prepayment via online form. Services such as hotels, airlines, dining, and sightseeing can all be booked online in advance. This shows that the necessity of e-commerce for tourism business is increasing day by day. Grasping the new needs of tourists and the tourism market, right after the Covid-19 epidemic was well controlled nationwide, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center coordinated with Shopee Co., Ltd. An Giang tourism enterprises joined the Electronic Tourism Exchange to promote the application of information technology and digital transformation in tourism business activities for An Giang tourism businesses. The construction of online stores on the Shopee e-tourist exchange helps An Giang tourism businesses to be more favorable in promoting and selling their tourism products, better applying online marketing tools. , search engine optimization, closer approach to tourist trends of technology-age tourists and better customer care. Especially, businesses will have a significant amount of potential customers through Shopee's diverse and available customer file. This makes it easier for businesses to develop online business activities and increase their revenue, contributing to the development of local tourism. In this cooperation program, Shopee Co., Ltd. will support An Giang tourism businesses to open online stores on Shopee e-Tourism Exchange, update logos, brands and business licenses. required for each type of service. At the same time, Shopee's staff will also directly train and guide An Giang tourism businesses on how to manage and operate booths, how to sell products in a way that is attractive and easy to display. when customers search, as well as ways to increase interaction with consumers on online platforms, thereby contributing to digital transformation for An Giang tourism businesses. After successfully creating a booth and selling products, Shopee will continue to support An Giang tourism businesses to push the display of the main products of each unit, so that the image of tourism products and services can be displayed. An Giang's calendar is displayed regularly on Shopee's app and website during the floor's discount campaigns, bringing An Giang tourism closer to visitors. At the same time, also in this program, Shopee Co., Ltd. will sponsor discount vouchers for customers to buy An Giang tourism products (from July 1 to the end of July 31), to support An Giang tourism stimulus. Giang in the near future. At the same time, Shopee will also put cooperation information between An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center on 6 press and press channels in July, including a link to a product summary page calling for users to apply discount codes. for shopping, in order to stimulate tourism demand in An Giang.   Through the online An Giang tourism booths on the Shopee e-travel exchange, consumers participating in shopping will have easier access to An Giang tourism products and services. Searching for information and buying services such as hotels, sightseeing tours, tours as well as quick payment via credit cards, shopee wallets... Helps to shorten the distance between buyers and service providers, save money time for visitors, from which visitors can be proactive in choosing travel programs and accompanying services in accordance with their own needs and desires. In the coming time, after completing the support of An Giang tourism businesses to join the Shopee e-Tourism Exchange, contributing to digital transformation for local tourism business. The Trade and Investment Promotion Center will continue to coordinate with Shopee Co., Ltd. to develop a plan and plan to support An Giang commercial enterprises to join the Shopee e-commerce exchange. Increasing the application of information technology in promoting and introducing products, optimizing business activities in e-commerce such as advertising and transportation in order to expand distribution channels and customer markets through the trading floor. e-commerce, aiming to increase revenue of the unit.          
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