Scenic spots

An Giang has a number of typical landscapes such as:

  • Chau Doc: famous for the Ba Chua Xu Festival of Sam Mountain (taking place annually on the 24th and 25th of the fourth lunar month, the main day of the lunar calendar) is an interesting spiritual destination that attracts a large number of tourists both domestically and internationally. come here for pilgrimage. In 2001, the Ba Chua Xu Festival was recognized by the Government as a National Folk Festival. The relic complex at the foot of Sam Mountain has many important historical and religious relics such as: Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tay An Pagoda, Phuoc Dien Pagoda... There are also Cham villages along the Hau River, Chau rafting villages Doc...
  • That Son (Seven Mountains): includes a complex of 37 mountains in 2 districts Tinh Bien & Tri Ton, but there are 7 typical mountains: Cam Mountain (Thien Cam Son) - the highest mountain in An Giang province as well as the whole region. Mekong Delta region, 716m high; Five Wells Long Mountain (Five Lakes Mountain); Co To Mountain (Phung Hoang Son); Long Mountain (Ngoa Long Son); Tuong Mountain (Lien Hoa Son); Ket Mountain (Anh Vu Son); Water Mountain (Thuy Dai Son).
  • Tra Su cajuput forest is an eco-tourism destination with a very diverse range of wild natural forest flora and fauna, covering about 845 hectares of the core area and 643 hectares of the buffer zone, located in the heart of Long Xuyen quadrangle and the surrounding area. That Son, belongs to Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district.
  • Thoai Son Lake is one of the beautiful lakes, 29 km from Long Xuyen city along provincial road 943.
  • Bung Binh Thien (also known as Heavenly Lake) is a special freshwater lake in An Phu district, green and clear all year round even though the surrounding canals are turbid with silt.
  • Cu Lao Gieng (New Market) is located in the middle of the Tien River with many unique religious architectural works.
  • The memorial area of ​​President Ton Duc Thang (Long Xuyen) has been ranked as a special national monument.
  • In addition, An Giang also has a number of cultural - historical - spiritual tourist attractions such as: Ong Chuong's Palace (Kien An, Cho Moi), Steel Rope Column (Long Dien A, Cho Moi), Church Seminary Cu Lao Gieng (Tan My, Cho Moi), Tuc Dup Hill (An Tuc Commune, Tri Ton), Linh Son Pagoda (Thoai Son), Tam Buu Pagoda (Tri Ton), Buu Huong Tu (Chau Phu), Ong Bac Pagoda (Long Xuyen), Xa Ton pagoda (Tri Ton), Tay An ancient pagoda (Long Giang commune, Cho Moi district), Cho Moi Post Office House, Ba Chuc Tomb House (Tri Ton), Bay Nui Bull Racing Festival (Tri Ton) Ton and Tinh Bien), Oc Eo Cultural Relic Area in Ba The commune (this is an archaeological site of the Phu Nam culture) in Thoai Son district...

Culinary specialties

  • Where is the melancholy salad ?

Neem trees grow abundantly in the areas of Tri Ton, Chau Doc, Tinh Bien (An Giang). This salad is prepared simply and quickly. The young leaves and neem flowers are washed and scalded with boiling water to reduce bitterness, then drained. Cucumber, pineapple (pineapple) and mango thinly sliced ​​or shredded. People in the West often make salad with dried snakehead fish or dried snakehead fish. Grilled dried fish, shredded, boiled pork belly and sliced ​​thinly, add some peeled shrimp.

  • Ca na dam :

Chau Doc Market has only one seller of ca na dam - the dish is named after the way it is prepared. Fresh Ca Na fruit, after crushing, squeezing out the water and rubbing to remove all the astringency, is then soaked in sugar and waited for a few hours before it can be used.

This dish must be skillful so that the crushed canna fruit is not too crushed, still retains its bright green color after rubbing and squeezing the juice, but the flavor remains intact and is still crunchy. Ca na dam is eaten with salt and chili, both sweet and crunchy, very delicious.

In addition to Ca na, in An Giang there are also specialty fruit trees such as jaggery, red army, rattan fruit...

  • Toss in :

“Tung lo mo” is another name for beef sausage. This is a unique delicacy of the Cham people in An Giang. For a long time, the Kinh people also loved and prepared beef sausage dishes similar to those of the Cham people and are now widely popular in Nui Sam, Chau Doc, Tinh Bien and Tri Ton wards.

Unlike pork sausage, beef sausage only needs to be dried before being fried or grilled. The most attractive is the sausage grilled on a charcoal stove. When cooked, cut into pieces that have a pink-red color and a fragrant aroma that no longer smells of beef fat.

"Tung lo mo" should be grilled until it is cooked until it is eaten. When eating, you will see the sweet taste of meat and beef fat, the sour taste of cold fermented rice mixed with the spicy spice of chili, served with raw vegetables, fresh celery, the sour taste of star fruit, the astringent taste of raw bananas. . When eaten, beef sausage must be dipped in salt, pepper, lemon or chili sauce. More attractive is served with raw vegetables and eaten with noodles or bread.

  • Nuggets up :

The glutinous rice is harvested about 10 days before harvest and is harvested, then the seeds are soaked in water for half a day and then drained.

You must soak the sticky rice for a long time. If you don't soak the sticky rice for a long time, the soft sticky rice will become mushy. If you soak it for a short time, the sticky rice will dry and hard. Roasting sticky rice requires someone who is familiar with it and roasts it in a clay pot to keep the heat longer. One roasting session takes a lot of time and effort, just one cup of sticky rice. Pouring it into the bottom of the clay pot makes stirring and roasting easy and the sticky rice grains cook evenly.

  • Seven Mountains Scorpion :

Scorpions, also known as "bhu tong", are jet black in color and have two bulky claws, about the size of a rice cricket. At first glance, scorpions look like cockroaches crawling around. In the Bay Nui area, you can see this type sold along both sides of the road. To get scorpions like this, those who specialize in hunting these animals have to go to the mountains to get them. They were armed with a pickaxe, a pair of tongs and a bucket. Finding any suspicious rock, they just need to turn the rock aside and look at the mouth of the cave sticking out the clamp.

After "harvesting", they bring the scorpions home and put them in a pot for a few days to "clean their stomachs". Leave it whole and wash it, put it in a pan of boiling fat or oil. A few minutes later, the scorpion is cooked and has a strange aroma. Scorpion served with herbs, tomatoes, cucumber and a few stems of cilantro, dipped in lemon salt and pepper. Take a bite, crispy and fatty taste. According to connoisseurs of this dish, the scorpion's belly is the most delicious part.

This scorpion dish is also prepared in other ways such as scorpion rolled in flour and fried in butter. Some local Khmer people also use scorpions soaked in wine and drink to treat back pain, aches, joint pain,...

  • Chau Doc fish sauce :

Chau Doc fish sauce is sold everywhere but is most concentrated in Chau Doc market. The shape of fish sauce is also extremely diverse. Because depending on the type of fish and the way of processing, people can shred it, leave it whole, fillet it or leave the bones. Some types of easy-to-eat fish sauce that you can buy at the market are Linh fish sauce, Sat fish sauce, Snakehead fish sauce, Tren fish sauce, Ro fish sauce, Loc fish sauce... These types are eaten raw or used to steam or cook fish sauce (braised fish sauce, vermicelli sauce). , hotpot) are all very delicious. If you come to An Giang, you will be able to enjoy "young Linh fish hotpot cooked with Sesbania flowers" - a prominent specialty dish here. Especially the dried pangasius here is pangasius from Tonle Sap (Cambodia), the meat is naturally sweet, and is skillfully dried, the soup is sunny so the meat is fragrant and fatty, not fishy. A type of fish sauce that is widely sold and also very popular at Chau Doc market is Thai fish sauce. It's a delicious snakehead fish sauce that's been sliced, skin removed, bones removed, and mixed with shredded papaya and pork belly, with rice, sugar, and chili added. In Chau Doc fish sauce land, the sugar used to make fish sauce is also the specialty jaggery, mixed with a little white sugar so the fish sauce has a very sweet and salty taste, served with raw vegetables, bananas, and boiled pork.

Event name


Start day

End date







Cultural events

Art performance and fireworks program to celebrate New Year's Eve

Queen's Palace construction site, My Long ward, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province

December 29 or 30 Al (New Year's Eve)

December 29 or 30 Al (New Year's Eve)

- Special art performances (dance, singing, martial arts...)

- Fireworks display to celebrate New Year's Eve

Celebration of President Ton Duc Thang's birthday

Memorial area of ​​President Ton Duc Thang, My Hoa Hung commune, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province

August 17 every year

August 20 every year

- Flower and incense offering ceremony at President Ton Duc Thang Temple.

- Organize cultural and artistic activities, competitions and performances; Visual propaganda, photo exhibitions, book propaganda displays...

- Organize sports activities and folk games.

Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Cham ethnic people in An Giang province

Alternately, An Phu, Tan Chau, Chau Thanh, Chau Phu districts (inhabited by Cham ethnic people) host the event.

Organized once every two years on holidays of the Cham ethnic people such as the holy month of Ramadan (from April to June). The festival takes place for 3 days.


- Mass art festival and traditional costume performance.

- Traditional culinary culture festival.

- Organize photo exhibitions and display artifacts of Cham ethnic people.

- Sports activities and folk games.

Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Khmer ethnic people in An Giang province

Alternately, Tinh Bien, Tri Ton, Chau Thanh, Thoai Son districts (where Khmer ethnic people live) host the event.

Held once every 2 years on holidays and New Year of the Khmer ethnic people such as Donta New Year, Chol Chnam Thmay, Ok Om Bok.... The festival takes place for 03 days.


- Mass art festival and traditional costume performance.

- Traditional culinary culture festival.

- Organize photo exhibitions and display artifacts of Cham ethnic people.

- Sports activities and folk games.


Ba Chua Xu Festival of Sam Mountain

(has been included in the National PVT list)
Ba Chua Xu Temple at Sam Mountain, Sam Mountain Ward, Chau Doc City buy 23/4 Take 27/4

VBCXNS Festival includes the following rituals:

- Grandma's bathing ceremony: 00:00 on April 24. Lasts about 1 hour

- Ceremony to invite Thoai Ngoc Hau to Ba Temple: 3:00 p.m. on April 25, lunar calendar

- Tuc Liet Ceremony: 00:00 on April 25 and 26: Offering tea and wine.

- Adoration building ceremony: Next to worship Tuc Liet is an adoration building ceremony at the martial arts hall.

- Main Te ceremony: 4 hours

morning of April 27 aal. On the afternoon of the 27th, Thoai Ngoc Hau's body was brought to the Mausoleum.

- Funeral ceremony: At 3:00 p.m. on April 27, the tablets of Thoai Ngoc Hau, two wives, and the Council were brought to the Mausoleum.

In addition, there are also ceremonial costumes. This ceremony has existed since the festival was upgraded to a national festival: The content recreates the procession of her statue coming down from the mountain, attracting many attendees. Starting from the Martyrs' Stele House at the foot of Sam Mountain, we proceed to the top of the mountain with a stone pedestal where the statue of her was placed in the past to bring her back to the Temple.

- In addition to the rituals, there are cultural and artistic activities, depending on the year, there are lantern contests and mountain climbing; Large-scale, majestic cultural and artistic programs at the opening festival, lion and dragon performances, float parades... are often held before the night of Ba bathing.

Seven Mountains Bull Racing Festival (has been included in the National PVT list)

Alternate between Tinh Bien and Tri Ton districts. (The traditional competition location is the field next to the Pagoda).

29/8 AL 29/8 âL

Pairs of oxen gather at the Pagoda yard to compete (racing field) on the flooded fields. In the past, we competed in 3 rounds, but today we compete in 1 round while shouting and releasing. Currently, bull racing has developed into a provincial race to compete for the An Giang television cup.

Each event attracts thousands of viewers

Meka buu chia ceremony (Buddha ceremony)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

Around the beginning of February of the solar calendar


This is a ceremony to worship Buddha, indicating that in 3 months he will enter nirvana

Chol Chnam Thmay

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

14/4 dl

16/4 dl

Traditional Tet, New Year

Buddha's Birthday Ceremony (Visak bu chia)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

buy 15/5



Introduction Ceremony (Chôl Vosa)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

buy 15/6


Pray for favorable weather, good harvests, peace and happiness for the family, and at the same time create time for monks to concentrate on studying the religion, expounding the teachings and self-questioning during the practice process.

Sen Don ta (Phchum Banh)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

buy 01/10

buy 15/10

This festival shows the filial piety of children to their parents and ancestors.

Vosa Lemon (Summer Ceremony)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

From the afternoon of September 14,

until noon on September 15

The ceremony ends the monks' 3-month stay.

Dâng y (Kathinat)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

From September 16 of the Khmer lunar calendar

until October 15 of the Khmer lunar calendar

People participating in donating beds, specifically the robes offered to monks, create the most blessings, depending on each person's ability to contribute.

Ok Om Bok (Moon Offering Ceremony)

Tri Ton district, Tinh Bien

buy 15/10


The ceremony is meant to encourage farmers to diligently plow, plant, raise livestock, and produce high-yield products to worship the Moon to give thanks to the Moon, which is considered the protector of good crops. fresh.


An Phu, Tan Chau, Phu Tan, Chau Doc districts.

From September 1 of the Islamic calendar

to September 30 of the Islamic calendar

The Cham people call this holiday Planh, meaning fasting month or fasting month, which is an opportunity for believers to review their actions, correct themselves, and give alms to the poor to create merit.

Roya Phitrok Ceremony

An Phu, Tan Chau, Phu Tan, Chau Doc.

From October 1 of the calendar

October 3 Return to the calendar

This is a particularly important festival of the Cham people, also known as Tet.

Hat Gi Festival (Roya Hadji)

Phu Hiep commune, Phu Tan district.

From December 7

to December 10 (rescheduled)

This is an opportunity for people to visit, have fun, congratulate and pray for each other's good things.

Traditional cultural festival of Thoai Son district

Dong Son I hamlet, Nui Sap town, Thoai Son district, An Giang province

From March 10, 2019

until March 12 of the lunar calendar every year

- Organize folk games.

- Organize cultural and artistic programs, sports competitions, painting and photo exhibitions,...

Ba Chua Xu Bau Muut Festival

Nha Bang town, Tinh Bien district

Buy 12/8


Cultural, artistic and physical training and sports activities

Tran Van Thanh Festival

Bo Dau Hamlet,

From February 19, 2019

Until February 22 of the lunar calendar

- Cultural and sports activities.

Thanh My Tay commune, Chau Phu district

- Folk games

Great festival of Hoa Hao Buddhism

Phu My town, Phu Tan district, An Giang province

May 18, lunar calendar


Commemorating the day Patriarch Huynh founded Hoa Hao Buddhism (May 18, 1939, Year of the Cat)