Go to An Giang to watch art kite flying and enjoy Tri Ton's unique flavor

If you still don't know where to go this holiday, pick up your backpack and come to An Giang. From April 30 to May 3, in Tri Ton district, An Giang province, many special events will take place to serve people in the province and tourists near and far. About 80 motorized paragliders and 30 model airplanes under the control of 50 pilots will fly for tourists. Especially, this paragliding show also combines for visitors to experience and fly at night with a low-altitude fireworks show in the air. Besides performing and serving paragliding experience, Tri Ton district also organizes artistic kite flying performances for visitors during the holiday. Giant kites ranging in size from a few meters to several tens of meters flying in the sky promise to delight visitors to visit Tri Ton on this occasion. Not only that, visitors can watch the paragliding performance, fly artistic kites, participate in folk games, shop for typical products and enjoy the famous culinary specialties of Tri. Ton in particular as well as of An Giang in general such as: burning chicken, beef porridge, grilled frog, stabbing papaya, jaggery rimmed with milk... and extremely attractive grilled dishes served at the Food Promotion Space and featured products Tri Ton special flavor. Truong Loan        
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An Giang prepares to promote tourism through TikTok platform

Today, with the development of technology, tourism promotion activities are gradually transforming strongly, in order to diversify the approach to visitors. In order to continue promoting digital transformation in tourism product promotion, An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center will coordinate with TikTok Vietnam to implement the An Giang tourism promotion campaign #HelloAnGiang on the platform. TikTok. The signing ceremony of cooperation and launching the campaign will be held on March 15, 2023 in Long Xuyen city, An Giang province. Next, a group of creators from TikTok with about 20 - 30 members will visit, experience and make video clips about An Giang tourism in 2 days from March 16 to 17. These products are expected to be officially announced on the TikTok platform in April 2023. Currently, the preparation for the program is being completed by the An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center, in order to bring the most favorable conditions to the TikTok team when working in An Giang. Thereby, it is hoped that this peaceful land will leave many good impressions in the hearts of visitors and many special moments in the video clips. Mr. Le Trung Hieu - Director of the Center for Trade and Investment Promotion said: "The cooperation with TikTok to promote An Giang tourism products is an innovation in the form of tourism promotion, in order to catch up. entertainment trends of tourists, especially young people. Although An Giang is rich in tourism resources, it is limited by geographical return, so we want to take advantage of social networks to bring An Giang tourism image closer to domestic and foreign tourists. water." Born in 2017, TikTok is a social networking platform in the form of short videos, which are loved by many young people. This is considered one of the effective marketing tools today, because of its large community, attracting users to trends, easy to implement, high interactivity... - Trieu Phu
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Lots of potential from camping tourism

Recently, An Giang has appeared many new tourism products, which are loved by many young tourists, contributing to the diversity of tourism activities in the province. To have an overview and orientation to promote new tourism products, on February 8, 2022, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center had a survey in Tri Ton district. The delegation visited An Suoi Garden (Soai Chek lake) and Bay Nui Farm (Dai mountain) to learn about the development status of new campsites born in late 2022 - early 2023. ). At the same time, the delegation also surveyed the Golden Dragon resort - one of the new places to stay in Tri Ton town. Glamping is a prominent travel trend today, combining the words "glamorous" and "camping". This is a form of resort tourism in the form of camping, with full facilities and service staff. Realizing that Tri Ton has a lot of potential for this type of development, many businesses have stepped up the exploitation and received a lot of attention and support from tourists. If An Suoi Garden focuses on investing in high-quality services to satisfy the needs of its guests, Bay Nui Farm aims to build a quiet space in the middle of the thousand. In general, the campgrounds in Tri Ton district have exploited the characteristics suitable to the local advantages, environmentally friendly, competitive, contributing to the richness of An Giang tourism... During the trip, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center commented and advised on the activities of the campsites, and listened to the sharing of businesses about the difficulties they are facing. In the coming time, the Center for Trade and Investment Promotion will strengthen the promotion and connection of tourism service businesses, in order to attract tourists to the type of camping tourism in Tri Ton. Trieu Phu        
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An Giang bustling to welcome tourists Spring Quy Mao 2023

In the early days of the year of the Rat 2023, An Giang tourism jubilantly welcomes thousands of tourists to visit the land and spring travel at all tourist destinations in the province. In order for An Giang tourism to continue to recover and develop further in 2023, surpassing the time before the epidemic occurred. Since the beginning of the year, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center has implemented many tourism promotion and promotion activities by many measures, through many media such as newspapers, radio, social networking channels. (Youtube, Facebook…) to attract tourists to visit and experience An Giang tourism on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. In addition, businesses and tourist attractions in the province also actively embellish their facilities, standardize services, and complete their products to serve tourists as best as possible. Spring is coming, and it is also a premise to attract and keep visitors back in the year. Thanks to the early promotion plan and strategy from the end of the year, along with the active coordination of businesses and tourist destinations, the number of tourists flocking to An Giang to travel this year increased more than the same period in 2022. During the Lunar New Year 2023, thousands of tourists flocked to all areas and tourist attractions of An Giang. According to information received, Cam Mountain tourist area welcomed more than 6,600 visitors, up 9% over the same period last year. Sam Mountain National Tourist Area welcomed more than 20,000 visitors, an increase of about 23%. Sam Mountain Cable Car tourist area increased by 70%. In addition, Tuc Dup Tourist Attraction welcomed 5,200 visitors, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. And Tra Su Melaleuca forest eco-tourism site also welcomed more than 6,100 visitors in the early days of the Lunar New Year. These are good signs for the province's tourism industry when the Tet tourism market is full of excitement, opening a prosperous new year, promising a year of development for tourism activities in An Giang. At the same time, opening up more opportunities for businesses to exploit more diversified than the guest market, expecting to speed up the recovery like when the epidemic occurred. Truong Loan        
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Let's go on a Spring trip to An Giang together

An Giang is one of the most exciting places to visit on New Year's Eve for tourists visiting the Mekong river Delta. An Giang has a beautiful natural landscape as well as many extraordinary tourist activities, making it much more appealing to tourists. When visiting Chau Doc, known as the "tourist city" of the Mekong river Delta, visitors cannot miss Sam Mountain National Tourist Area, which features famous landmarks such as Ba Chua Xu Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau mausoleum, Tay An pagoda, Hang pagoda, and others. During the three days of Tet, nearly 200,000 people visited and made pilgrimages to this spiritual tourist area. Cam Mountain tourist attraction (Tinh Bien district) appears to have received an 80 billion VND investment to improve infrastructure. Every day, thousands of tourists flock to the central area of Thuy Liem Lake to worship. Around the lake, there are statues of Maitreya Buddha, Big Buddha Pagoda, and Van Linh Pagoda, all of which cast a magical shadow on the water's surface. Con En ecological attraction, which opened in early 2023 in Cho Moi island district, has quickly become a popular destination for young people. Visitors have a unique experience when crossing the driftwood bridges; below is the Tien River, which has many waves. This is an experience that you will not find anywhere else. Beside that, there are many attractive destinations in An Giang such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest (Tinh Bien district), Ta Pa lake, Tuc Dup hill (Tri Ton district), Sap mountain ( Thoai Son district)... In conclusion, An Giang’s tourism market is extremely animated, new features and meeting the diverse needs of visitors. To promote An Giang tourism on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the promotion center has implemented communication, promotion, and association activities in various forms at the end of 2022. Many new tourism products such as homestay, trekking, caravan... have appeared in the past 2022, contributing to the development of An Giang tourism in the coming years. An Giang is aiming for 8 million visitors and 5500 billion VND in tourist revenue in 2023. To that end, the tourism industry will grow with its potential and available advantages, eventually becoming the province's leading economic sector. Trieu Phu
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Awarding the An Giang Tourism Beauty Photo Contest in 2022

Awarding the An Giang Tourism Beauty Photo Contest in 2022 (AG Provincial Portal)- In the morning of December 28, 2022, at Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street (Long Xuyen city), An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center held the Result Announcement Ceremony and Exhibition Exhibition. Competition "Beautiful photos of An Giang tourism in 2022".  
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