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An Giang online checkin photo contest in 2021

In order to arouse passion and attract the interest of tourists across the country about the beauty of tourism, culture, people and the land of An Giang. At the same time, creating more playgrounds for the community of travel enthusiasts, sharing interesting stories, memories and experiences during their trip when coming to An Giang tourism. An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center organized a Checkin An Giang photo contest with the theme "An Giang I love" on the Checkin An Giang Facebook page in 2021. Step 1: Download the registration form and read the contest rules here. Step 2: Contestants send their entries and contest registration form to email address:, or need more information, please contact Tourism Promotion Department - China An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center, Tel: 02963 852 669 or 0919 99 52 39 (Hong Loan). Application submission deadline: From the announcement until the end of November 2021 Time of judging and awarding: December 2021 Prize structure: First prize: 7.000.000đ and 1 voucher for 1 night stay at a 3-star hotel or more of An Giang for 2 guests and a gift from the contest organizer. Second prize: 5.000.000đ and 1 voucher for a 1-night stay at a 3-star hotel or more of An Giang for 2 guests and a gift from the contest organizer. Third prize: 3.000.000đ and 1 voucher for 1 night stay at a 3-star hotel or more of An Giang for 2 guests and a gift from the contest organizer. 3 Giải khuyến khích: each prize is worth 1.000.000 VND The Organizing Committee of the Contest welcomes the interest and enthusiasm to participate in the contest from friends, brothers and sisters, the community of travel enthusiasts across the country, so that An Giang tourism is more and more developed. closer, leaving a beautiful and deeper impression in the hearts of every visitor. Best regards!
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Tri Ton gradually develops tourism services

With attractive tourism potential, vision and enthusiasm of district leaders and officials, along with the consensus of local people, tourism in Tri Ton district is increasingly changing positively, developing rapidly and synchronously. Previously, Tri Ton was only known to tourist attractions such as Tuc Dup Hill, Mo Ba Chuc house, Soai So lake. But until today, tourist attractions, checkin spots, specialty cuisine, accommodation facilities, routes have clearly developed, improving to meet the needs of tourists. Coming to Tri Ton, we can hunt for extremely satisfying photos, experience unique culture, or enjoy famous specialties of this "mountainous land". Those are the factors that attract tourists to visit Tri Ton, the problem is what we do to serve the essential needs of guests when traveling in Tri Ton. According to the general assessment of many visitors, Tri Ton still lacks many internal transportation services, small breakfast service points, and sketchy accommodation facilities and specialty shopping points. Understanding this issue, local authorities and people have agreed to boldly invest and build facilities and services to meet the needs of tourists when coming to Tri Ton. Accordingly, at present, Tri Ton has synchronously planned and upgraded the routes from the center to the dining and tourist attractions; People and businesses are boldly investing in accommodation services such as: Homestay Tuyet Anh with bungalows that are both modern and feature Tri Ton human culture with a capacity of 40 guests, Vuon Sao hotel is Prepare the procedures for the 2-star standard assessment, combined with the motel area that can serve up to 200 guests at the same time. In the lake beds for tourism exploitation, emerging gardeners invest in culinary services and specialties to serve tourists such as: O Thum lake dining area with facilities to ensure environmental sanitation, landscape, parking lot: Kieu Tien restaurant, Thao Nguyen restaurant, ... O Ta Soc lake area has Mango Garden, Soai Chek lake, Ta Pa lake has Ta Pa Coc restaurant, .... Recently, the district has also invested planning and building a night market located at the foot of Ta Pa hill and the Sports and Tourism Complex, creating attraction for guests staying in Tri Ton. Last year, based on the advantages of hills and mountains, Ta Pa valley charmingly attracted paragliding and paragliding clubs, flying shows and services for visitors on holidays. In the near future, the district will continue to cooperate with these clubs to standardize the type of adventure tourism and put it into operation to serve tourists. Simultaneously, the district has gradually invested in facilities, locations, professional team performing Khmer culture such as: five-tone music, aunt millet dance, investment in transportation services of ox carts and carts. horses, ... create more attraction for visitors to Tri Ton, stay in Tri Ton longer. Although the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, the number of tourists has decreased markedly, but the district's desire to develop tourism has not faltered. During this period, the district focused on ensuring disease prevention and control, focusing on embellishing attractions, upgrading old services, and building new ones to seize the opportunity to welcome a large number of tourists. stars when translation is controlled. According to the step-by-step process of tourism development in Tri Ton district, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center cooperates with specialized departments and divisions of the district to survey, review and capture the operation situation. , development level, development direction, the participation of new services, from general information to detailed information about Tri Ton's tourism services, in order to support the locality to promote the image of Tri Ton. Photos, tourism services of the district to many tourists near and far. At the same time, the specialized department updates and standardizes information for the portal, the Checkin An Giang facebook page, and the visitor support hotline via hotline 0911.575.911. With the attitude of being ready to develop tourism in Tri Ton district, it will certainly create a spillover to other localities in the province, contributing to promoting the overall development of An Giang tourism industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. 19. By: Phu Quoi - An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center
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An Giang specialties in the top Vietnamese specialties

In the journey of finding and promoting culinary values and Vietnamese specialties recently, 04 delicious dishes of An Giang were included in the top 100 Vietnamese specialties voted by the Record Association. In which, Burnt Chicken is Chuc and Sour Salad with Dried Snakehead fish entered the top 100 Vietnamese specialties; Dried Thoai Son snakehead fish and Chau Doc puffed pangasius dried fish entered the top 100 Vietnamese gifts and specialties according to the Criteria of Top Vietnamese dishes and specialties. Chuc is a tree belonging to the lemon family, which is abundant in Tinh Bien and Tri Ton border districts, An Giang, with a much more special and intense aroma. Burnt chicken is the culinary quintessence of the Seven Mountains of An Giang and the taste is unmistakable with any other dish. The leaves and buds do not have a bitter taste, mixed with boiled meat and dried snakehead fish, one of the specialties of An Giang, creating a rustic dish but very attractive to diners near and far. The profession of drying puffy pangasius has been around for a long time, processed according to the heirloom method. Choose dried pangasius, fish must be fresh, raised according to the standard process will produce delicious products. The Chau Doc area has many processing facilities for this type of dried fruit, which has a more distinctive and delicious taste than the surrounding areas. Dried snakehead An Giang is most famous in the two districts of Cho Moi and Thoai Son. In recent years, Thoai Son snakehead fish has a more natural flavor, so it is preferred by guests as gifts and used in parties. The above 04 An Giang specialties will be performed and processed at An Giang Cultural and Culinary Space within the framework of the event "OCOP Product Festival and typical goods of provinces in 2021", taking place from April 22-25, 2021 at the center of Chau Phu A Ward, Chau Doc City (the area around Bodh Gaya).        
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Thoai Son promotes promotion and connection to develop tourism

Thoai Son is a district bordering Long Xuyen city, An Giang province, where Oc Eo relic was once a large and busy port of the kingdom of Funan from the 1st century to the 7th century. recognized as a special national monument. In addition, Thoai Son also has tourist attractions that young people love to visit and take pictures in, such as Sap Mountain Tourist Area, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, An Giang, and eco-tourist sites. dining, entertainment with attractive folk games. However, at present, Thoai Son tourism has not really been exploited and promoted to its full potential and available strengths. The number of tourists who know and come to Thoai Son is not high, and the tour - route has not been linked with other localities to attract tourists. Therefore, in order to promote the development of local tourism, diversify tourism products, strengthen the promotion of images, tourist information, culture and people of Thoai Son land. The People's Committee of Thoai Son district develops a plan to organize a conference to promote tourism connection in Thoai Son district with the theme "Thao Son - discover the legendary land" to promote the image, information, potential, the strength of Thoai Son tourism to domestic travel businesses in general, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City and 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta in particular. In order to support Thoai to organize the conference successfully, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center has coordinated with the district to survey the district's destinations that are expected to welcome Famtrip delegations who are travel businesses. about visiting, connecting. The delegation visited places such as: Nam Duong eco-tourism area, Thoai Ngoc Hau communal house, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, special national monument Oc Eo and establishments providing typical tourist gift products such as: Ut Tang palm leaf painting, stone mills, traditional drying craft villages... The conference to promote tourism connection in Thoai Son district is expected to be held in August 2021. With the main guests being tour operators in the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, along with television stations, and large and small newspapers in the country. The People's Committee of Thoai Son district wants to approve the conference to promote and introduce the beauty and tourism potential of Thoai Son to tourists nationwide. Connecting and promoting tourism development cooperation between Thoai Son and other localities through linking tours - tourist routes between localities, coordinating to build new tourism product chains to include in the tourism industry. serve tourists, and at the same time contribute to stimulating domestic tourism demand in the current new situation. An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center cooperates with the district People's Committee to strengthen and promote tourism advertising and promotion. Support the district in connecting with localities, tourism and travel businesses inside and outside the province to promote links between tours - tourist routes. Advise the district to build a new product chain suitable to the needs and tastes of tourists, in order to stimulate demand and attract more tourists, bringing the tourism industry of Thoai Son district to more and more development. By: Truong Thi Hong Loan - An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center
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Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest – New tourism product

Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest with an area of more than 1,600 hectares, this is a place with great potential for developing eco-tourism associated with military life experiences. For that reason, the Provincial Military Command has agreed to invest in the development of an eco-tourism site in combination with forest protection and management. Accordingly, the Center for Trade and Investment Promotion conducted many surveys on the terrain, facilities, orientation of tourism exploitation of this point to support the exploitation unit to develop products and services. serving tourists, supporting promotion and communication on electronic portal channels, facebook fanpage, television station, tourism publications... Coming to Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest, visitors will fully experience the wild beauty, walking on the plank bridge in the forest nearly 5km long, the military camps, Hoang Cam kitchen left by the military drills. ; there are canoes to crept into canals and small canals to undo the roofs to catch copper fish; watching birds, storks nest in trees; enjoy country cuisine with the specialty of steamed snakehead fish at the stilt houses; Shop for specialties and souvenirs. Moreover, the road is convenient for vehicles, which will be convenient for tourism development, creating attraction for tourists and investors. Being given the right to manage tourism activities here, Hoa Binh Hotel and Restaurant Trading One Member Limited Liability Company is expected to put it into service for tourists officially from July 1, 2021 if the Covid-19 epidemic is confirmed. good control. With this new tourism product, An Giang tourism industry hopes that it will welcome more visitors to An Giang, create momentum to promote the development of intra-provincial tourism routes, and quickly recover An Giang tourism industry after this. Covid-19 pandemic.   By: Phu Quoi - An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center
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