Chicken burns wishing leaves


An Giang cuisine has a famous grilled chicken dish with wishing leaves that everyone who comes here must enjoy at least once. A dish that everyone who enjoys it must love.

Burning chicken is a traditional Khmer dish. The method is very elaborate. Ingredients must always be clean and fresh.

After being processed, the ingredients will be marinated. Chicken marinated with lemongrass, wish leaves, chili, garlic, salt, sugar. Then place the clay pot on the stove. Below is a layer of salt, mint leaves and lemongrass. Burn the chicken continuously for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. The chicken must be burned evenly so that the chicken is cooked and has a beautiful honey yellow color. This will be a dish that will make you fall in love. When traveling to An Giang, you must definitely enjoy this dish once in your life.

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