An Giang tourism virtual reality exhibition opens

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On the morning of November 9, 2021, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center held the Opening Ceremony of the An Giang Tourism Virtual Reality Exhibition with the theme "Restoring An Giang Tourism", the event attracted a large number of visitors. participate in experiences in provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta.

With the purpose of promoting the introduction and promotion of images and information about tourist attractions, tours, tourist routes, about the beauty of An Giang culture and people to travel businesses, tourists customers, partners throughout the country and tourism products of their units to partners, tourists inside and outside the province.

Trade and Investment Promotion Center organizes and implements a virtual reality exhibition with the theme "Restoring An Giang tourism" on SEENSIO application. This is the first time An Giang has applied a virtual reality platform to promote An Giang tourism. The application of these platforms meets the promotion of tourism promotion and introduction, and is suitable for the prevention and control of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

The content of the exhibition revolves around 2 main contents in 2 virtual reality spaces.

- The first is to introduce images, videos, 3d tourist photos of 4 main areas and points of An Giang such as: Chau Doc city area associated with Sam Mountain National Tourist Area, Chau Doc market, Chau raft village Doc; Tra Su Melaleuca forest with typical works and landscapes along with the lush green space of Melaleuca trees and rich flora, the ten thousand-step bamboo bridge attracts thousands of visitors; Thien Cam Son with images viewed from above creates the feeling of a large and immense space in the middle of the plains, the statue of Maitreya Buddha is relaxed and dignified, the open space between heaven and earth and luxuriant fruit gardens. on the Forbidden Mountain; Long Xuyen city with Uncle Ton's hometown makes a highlight for tourists near and far to visit and experience the cool and peaceful natural atmosphere of the countryside.

- The space for businesses is arranged with images, logos, videos and standees introducing tour programs, brands, tourism products and services of tourism businesses, tourist sites and attractions. An Giang.

Through this exhibition, visitors just need to stay at home, company or unit to see and experience through virtual reality application. Participants can create 3d images for virtual characters themselves and can exchange information directly on the application such as images, information, videos of tourist attractions.

Thereby changing the methods of approaching tourists, An Giang is gradually changing, actively applying modern information technology and taking advantage of the development of the internet to speed up the tourism development of the locality. methods as well as the approach to visitors, the method of building, promoting and selling tourism products of each enterprise and the whole province.

Also affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, which is still complicated in An Giang province, through the construction of a virtual reality exhibition space for An Giang tourism, it will create a new effect with the application of technology. information to contribute to the change of the new face of An Giang tourism to visitors. And after the Covid-19 epidemic is basically controlled nationwide, An Giang will continue to boost tourism demand and move towards recovering local tourism in the near future.

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