An Giang brings tourism businesses to join the Shopee e-travel exchange

11/07/2022 658 0

Today, along with the strong development of information technology and the explosion of the internet, e-commerce activities in the tourism industry are developing rapidly, and are widely applied at home and abroad. bring higher added value to the tourism industry.

Today's tourists are no longer dependent on travel agents and tour operators. The selection of destinations that suit their needs and economic capabilities is becoming more convenient as the internet is developing more and more. With just a smartphone connected to the internet, visitors can easily search for destinations, compare service quality, prices, choose and book related services for their trip, even pay a bill. prepayment via online form. Services such as hotels, airlines, dining, and sightseeing can all be booked online in advance. This shows that the necessity of e-commerce for tourism business is increasing day by day.

Grasping the new needs of tourists and the tourism market, right after the Covid-19 epidemic was well controlled nationwide, the Trade and Investment Promotion Center coordinated with Shopee Co., Ltd. An Giang tourism enterprises joined the Electronic Tourism Exchange to promote the application of information technology and digital transformation in tourism business activities for An Giang tourism businesses.

The construction of online stores on the Shopee e-tourist exchange helps An Giang tourism businesses to be more favorable in promoting and selling their tourism products, better applying online marketing tools. , search engine optimization, closer approach to tourist trends of technology-age tourists and better customer care. Especially, businesses will have a significant amount of potential customers through Shopee's diverse and available customer file. This makes it easier for businesses to develop online business activities and increase their revenue, contributing to the development of local tourism.

In this cooperation program, Shopee Co., Ltd. will support An Giang tourism businesses to open online stores on Shopee e-Tourism Exchange, update logos, brands and business licenses. required for each type of service. At the same time, Shopee's staff will also directly train and guide An Giang tourism businesses on how to manage and operate booths, how to sell products in a way that is attractive and easy to display. when customers search, as well as ways to increase interaction with consumers on online platforms, thereby contributing to digital transformation for An Giang tourism businesses.

After successfully creating a booth and selling products, Shopee will continue to support An Giang tourism businesses to push the display of the main products of each unit, so that the image of tourism products and services can be displayed. An Giang's calendar is displayed regularly on Shopee's app and website during the floor's discount campaigns, bringing An Giang tourism closer to visitors. At the same time, also in this program, Shopee Co., Ltd. will sponsor discount vouchers for customers to buy An Giang tourism products (from July 1 to the end of July 31), to support An Giang tourism stimulus. Giang in the near future. At the same time, Shopee will also put cooperation information between An Giang Investment and Trade Promotion Center on 6 press and press channels in July, including a link to a product summary page calling for users to apply discount codes. for shopping, in order to stimulate tourism demand in An Giang.


Through the online An Giang tourism booths on the Shopee e-travel exchange, consumers participating in shopping will have easier access to An Giang tourism products and services. Searching for information and buying services such as hotels, sightseeing tours, tours as well as quick payment via credit cards, shopee wallets... Helps to shorten the distance between buyers and service providers, save money time for visitors, from which visitors can be proactive in choosing travel programs and accompanying services in accordance with their own needs and desires.

In the coming time, after completing the support of An Giang tourism businesses to join the Shopee e-Tourism Exchange, contributing to digital transformation for local tourism business. The Trade and Investment Promotion Center will continue to coordinate with Shopee Co., Ltd. to develop a plan and plan to support An Giang commercial enterprises to join the Shopee e-commerce exchange. Increasing the application of information technology in promoting and introducing products, optimizing business activities in e-commerce such as advertising and transportation in order to expand distribution channels and customer markets through the trading floor. e-commerce, aiming to increase revenue of the unit.





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